How can I update my subscription?
Log into Subsail, our subscriptions system, to update your contact info, mailing address, and payment method.

Where’s my magazine?
Check the tracking link in the confirmation email you received.

My tracking link says my magazine has already arrived, but it’s not here.
Check with your local post office. This sounds like a crazy pain in the ass (we get it), but most “missing” orders are recovered this way. The postal service is run by real humans who make mistakes. We’re sorry if your order is one of them.

My magazine is taking forever to arrive.
If your tracking link shows that your order is stuck in transit out, let us know eodmag@aiga.org

If you’re an international buyer with shipping drama, please note that every country has its own slew of customs requirements that can slow things down, and all non-U.S. orders can take up to one month in transit. We advise checking with your local post first to see what’s up.  

I want to advertise in your magazine.
Wonderful, please email eodpartnerships@aiga.org and our business development director, Grace Davies, will be in touch.

I have an idea/want to contribute to your magazine.
Cool, please email submit@aiga.org and a senior editor will get back to you.

I love your magazine/I hate your magazine. Who can I tell my feelings to?
The eodmag@aiga.org account is managed by our editors. We welcome love letters and constructive feedback. Please save your rants for Twitter.